ICRA2011 Workshop on Roboethics

May 13, 2011 - Shanghai - China


The proposed Full Day Workshop on Roboethics is the fourth biennial event, organized by the Technical Committee on Roboethics in the framework of ICRA 2005, 2007 and 2009.
Roboethics is the ethics applied to robotics, that is the human-centered ethics guiding the design, construction and use of the robots. It deals with the study of the ethical, legal and social aspects of the introduction of robotics in our daily lives.
Progress in the field of computer science and tele-communications allows us to endow machines with enough intelligence so that they may act autonomously. However; as the application field for robots is widening, and the robot is coming out of the factory halls, Robotics research is increasingly raising ethical implications, related to the emerging interactions between robots and human beings.
Roboethics shares many "sensitive areas" with computer ethics, information ethics, bioethics and not only roboticists, but also sociologists, psychologists and philosophers are discussing the potentialities and the limits of robotics to help building a better human society.
To this aim, this workshop will increase robotics researcher’s ethical awareness, in the context of the ever growing interdisciplinarity that will characterize the new generation of robotics research.

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