ICRA2011 Workshop on Roboethics

May 13, 2011 - Shanghai - China


Contributions are welcome on the ethical, legal and societal aspects of the following topics (but not limited to):
  • Robot Ethics (Decision procedures/algorithms for moral behavior)
  • Technical Dependability (Availability; Reliability; Safety; Security)
  • Military application of robotics (Acceptability, Advantages and Risks, Codes)
  • Health (Robotics in surgery; Robotics in health care, assistance, prosthetics and therapy)
  • Service (Social robotics, Personal assistants, Companions)
  • Economy (Replacing humans in the workplace; Robotics and the job market)
  • Psychology (Position of humans in the control hierarchy; Robots and children)
  • Law (Robots and liability; Deployment of autonomously acting robots)
  • Environment (Sustainable exploitation of resources; Cleaning nuclear and toxic waste)

Shanghai 600
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