Key topics: The Pugwash Experience, International Humanitarian Law, Hi-Tech for Developing Countries,
Ethical Committees
Fiorella Operto (School of Robotics, Genova, Italy)
Roboethics' History
Tom Børsen Hansen (Center for the Philosophy of Nature and Science studies ,Copenhagen, Denmark)
The Social Responsibility of Scientists - A Pugwash Perspective
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Klavs Birkholm (The Danish Council of Ethics, Copenhagen, Denmark)
When man makes himself - a few reflexions from Homo Artefactus, a project group within the Danish Council of Ethics
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Michael Nagenborg (University of Karlsruhe, Germany)
Knowbots and the two concepts of freedom
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Key topics: Science and technology policy of research, Science Communication, East-West Understanding, Personal and Professional Responsibility, Privacy and Safety, International Standards Insurances
Fiorella Operto (School of Robotics, Genova , Italy)
East-West Understanding
Michael Nagenborg (University of Karlsruhe, Germany)
Privacy and the Ethical Design of Surveillance
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Flo Conway, Jim Siegelman (Journalists/writers, USA)
The Moral Traps of the Digital Age and the Analog Future
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Atsuo Takanishi (Department of Mechanical Engineering & Humanoid Robotics Institute, Waseda University, Japan)
Legal Aspects
Key topics: Assistive Technology, Rescue Robotics, Humanitarian Demining, Environmental Protection, Edutainment
Bruno Siciliano (Department of Computer and Systems Engineering at University of Naples, Italy)
Research on human-robot interaction: physical issues, with cognitive and ethical aspects
Isabel Ribeiro (Institute for Systems and Robotics)
Social and Ethic Problems in Search and Rescue Robots: Questions for discussion
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Emanuele Micheli (Scuola di Robotica)
Robotics: a humanitarian science
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Gianmarco Veruggio (Scuola di Robotica & CNR)
Underwater robots for environmental protection
Augusto Chioccariello (ITD-CNR)
Robotics and Education
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IEEE-Robotics and Automation Society / Technical Committee on Roboethics
(keywords: ICRA 2007Workshop Proposal, Special Issues on Roboethics, Membership Promotion)
Bruno Siciliano (University of Naples)
IEEE-RAS President Elect
Gianmarco Veruggio (Scuola di Robotica & CNR)
TC Corresponding Chair
Ronald Arkin (Georgia Tech)
TC Co-chair
Atsuo Takanishi (Waseda University)
TC Co-chair