The Euron Roboethics Atélier is organized just as an “Atélier”, word used in the old Renaissance Italian terminology to indicate the Craftsman’s Bottega (Workshop).
The Botteghe, Whorkshops, have been the cradles of many new arts/sciences, and of young brilliant artists/scientists, in the time when artist and scientist were the same person. Actually, approaching issues so composite, interdisciplinary, and new in many ways as the Ethics applied to the design and employment of Robots, the Atélier has to summon up he resources of many disciplines and skill, and also practical experiences, in so recalling a real craftwork. For this reason, the meeting in Genoa is not a traditional workshop.
Only the Opening of Monday 27th of February is structured like a classic conference – in front of an Audience of students and interested people - which we envisaged to introduce our main topics and to create the appropriate transdisciplinary environment. During the following three days we will participate in brainstorming sessions attended by scholars of several fields, to get their ideas and contributions, suggestions and briefings useful to enrich our Roadmap. Which certainly is not going to be the handbook of solutions, but a critical list of problems Roboethics has to deal with. Finally, about Friday 3rd March: it is planned to be the Reporting Day, in which we collect an write down all the contribution to the Roadmap.