Thursday FEBRUARY 20st, 2008
Via della Lungara 10 – ROME - ITALY
Accademia dei Lincei

School of Robotics


DRAFT PROGRAM (last updated December 2nd 2007)


09.30 Welcome and Introduction (Giovanni CONSO, Lamberto MAFFEI)
10.00 Bruno SICILIANO (Italy), “Status and Perspectives of Robotics
10.30 Luigia CARLUCCI AIELLO (Italy), “Artificial Intelligence meets Robotics

11.00 Coffe break

11.30 Raja CHATILA (France), “Cognitive Robotics
12.00 Yoshihiko NAKAMURA (Japan), “Spaciotemporal Data of Human Behavior and Robot Intelligence
12.30 Discussion

13.00 Lunch Buffet

14.30 Paolo DARIO (Italy), “Bio-robotics
15.00 Oussama KHATIB (USA), “Human-Centered Robotics
15.30 Gianmarco VERUGGIO (Italy), “Philosophical, Social and Ethical Implications of Robotics

16.00 Coffe break

16.30 Paolo ROSSI (Italy), “Daedalus sive mechanicus: Humankind and Machines
17.00 Roberto CORDESCHI (Italy), “The development of the synthetic method in cognitive science and robotics
17.30 Discussion