Full Day Workshop on Roboethics
Rome, 14 April 2007
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[SF-9] Roboethics - Program
Morning first part 08:30-10:20: "INTERACTION"
Chair: George A. BEKEY, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Roboethics in Biorobotics: Discussion of Case Studies
Pericle SALVINI, Cecilia LASCHI, Paolo DARIO, ARTS Lab, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy
Robots interacting with Humans: confronting the Critical Challenge of Machine Intelligence Dependability
Georges GIRALT, LAAS-CNRS Toulouse, France
Eugenio GUGLIELMELLI, Università Campus Bio-Medico, Roma Italy
Mottainai Thought and Social Acceptability of Robots in Japan
Atsuo TAKANISHI, Humanoid Robotics Institute, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
Technology and Disability. The Cost, Efficiency and Acceptability trade-off
Josep AMAT and Alícia CASALS, Technical University of Catalonia, Spain
Human-Robot Interaction in Autism
A. FORNAI, G. PIOGGIA, S. CASALINI, G. DELLA MURA, M. L. SICA, M. FERRO, A. AHLUWALIA, R. IGLIOZZI, F. MURATORI, D. DE ROSSI, Interdepartmental Research Center "E. Piaggio", University of Pisa, Italy
Coffee break 10:20-10:40
Morning second part 10:40-12:30: "METHODOLOGY"
Chair: Ronald C. ARKIN, Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, USA
Animism, Rinri, Modernization: the Base of Japanese Robotics
Naho KITANO, Graduate School of Social Sciences, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
Ethics by Design: A Conceptual Approach to Personal and Service Robot Systems
H. F. Machiel VAN DER LOOS, Stanford University, CA, USA
Economically Autonomous Robotic Entities
Carson REYNOLDS, Alvaro CASSINELLI and Masatoshi ISHIKAWA, University of Tokyo, Japan
The Roboethics Roadmap
Gianmarco VERUGGIO, National Research Council, Genoa, Italy
Morning Discussion (30 min)  
Lunch 12.30-14.00
Afternoon first part 14:00-15:50: "IMPLICATIONS"
Chair: Atsuo TAKANISHI, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
Can Humans Be Replaced by Autonomous Robots? Ethical Reflections in the Framework of
an Interdisciplinary Technology Assessment

Michael DECKER, ITAS, Research Centre Karlsruhe, Germany
The Burden of Embodied Autonomy: Some Reflections on the Social and Ethical Implications of Autonomous Robots
Matthias SCHEUTZ, Charles CROWELL, University of Notre Dame, IN, USA
Lethality and Autonomous Robots: An Ethical Stance
Ronald C. ARKIN, Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, USA
Robot Prostitutes as Alternatives to Human Sex Workers
David LEVY, London,UK
Robots and Responsibility from a Legal Perspective
Peter Mario ASARO, HUMLab, University of Umeå, Sweden
Coffee break 15:50-16:10
Afternoon second part 16:10-18:00: "ACTIONS"
Chair: Gianmarco VERUGGIO, National Research Council, Genova, Italy
1. The precautionary principle and its normative challenges.
2. From the Ethics of Technology towards an Ethics of Knowledge Policy & Knowledge Assessment

René VON SCHOMBERG, European Commission DG Research, Governance and Ethics Unit, Brussels, Belgium
Establishing a Korean Robot Ethics Charter
Hag Bong SIM, Robot Industry Division at Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy, Korea
Introduction to the EUROP Workpackage on Legal, Societal and Ethical Issues
David BISSET, iTechnic Ltd., Bath, UK
Recent Int'l Initiatives on Roboethics
Fiorella OPERTO, School of Robotics, Genoa, Italy
Final Roundtable (30 min)
José M. GALVAN, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome, Italy
Bruno SICILIANO, University Federico II, Naples, Italy
Guglielmo TAMBURRINI, University Federico II, Naples, Italy