Full Day Workshop on Roboethics
Rome, 14 April 2007
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Roboethics deals with the ethical aspects of the design, development and employment of Intelligent Machines.
It shares many 'sensitive areas' with Computer Ethics, Information Ethics and Bioethics. Along these disciplines, it investigates the social and ethical problems due to the effects of the Second and Third Industrial Revolutions in the Humans/Machines interaction’s domain. Urged by the responsibilities involved in their professions, an increasing number of roboticists from all over the world have started - in cross-cultural collaboration with scholars of Humanities – to thoroughly develop the Roboethics, the applied ethics that should inspire the design, manufacturing and use of robots.

The goal of the Workshop is a cross-cultural update for engineering scientists who wish to monitor the medium and long effects of applied robotics technologies. It intends to identify and discuss sensitive area in Robotics, such as:
  • Social (Robotics and job market; Cost benefit analysis; Transparency and public consensus; Robots as things);
  • Psychological (Robots and kids; Robots and elderly, disabled and ill people; Robotics in Education);
  • Legal (Robots and liability; Identification of autonomously acting robots; Position of humans in the control hierarchy; Biometric data processing by intelligent systems; Multi-agent decision making);
  • Medical (Robotics in health care and prosthesis; Robotics in surgery; Bionics for enhancing humans);
  • Warfare application of robotics.