About Villa Nobel and Sanremo

Villa Nobel

Corso Cavallotti, 112
18038 Sanremo, Italy

Villa Nobel is a Moorish eighteenth-century building typically decorated with Renaissance Venetian ornamentation. The villa, built in 1874 and restored in 1892, is placed in the middle of a wonderful park, and is property of the District of Imperia, which subsidised in 1993 its current restoration. The villa owes its name to the famous Swedish scientist, inventor of the dynamite. After having inhabited it for 6 years (from 1890 until 1896), he defined it "my nest". In this house, Alfred Nobel worked at many of his patents and composed the famous testament, according to which a prize, be it ethic, moral, or economic, should be conferred to anyone who contributes to human welfare.


Sanremo, with its modern hotels and famous restaurant, has a tradition of hospitality with few matches in Italy. Being adjacent to an area with a precocious upmarket tourism development, as the south-east coast of France, along with a unique climate and a luxuriant natural environment, are two factors that have favoured important and continuous tourist flows since the sixties of the 19th century. The building of the railway and the far-seeing activity of some entrepreneurs have marked the beginning of a never-ending, ever-improving and ever-renewing season. You can still feel the presence of kings and queens, princes, the moneyed classes or artists, actors or great men of letters linger in the historical hotels where you now meet today's VIPs. You can enjoy prestigious villas, exotic gardens, long promenades at sunset or at dawn.

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