ICRA 2005, IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation

Workshop on Robo-Ethics

Barcelona, April 18th, 2005

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Robot Security for Robo-Ethics

Sukhan Lee

Ph.D Professor, School of Information and Communication Engineering
Sungkyunkwan University
+82 (31) 290-7150 (Office) -7228(Lab.)
Director, Intelligent Systems Research Center
+82 (31) 299-6470 (Center) -6479 (Fax)
Lsh@ece.skku.ac.kr, Lsh1@ieee.org
Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California
Fellow/Vice President IEEE/ IEEE Robotics & Automation Society

Robo-Ethics, as a new term, may concern mainly the effect of robotics technologies and products on human safety, welfare, physical and mental health, and the advancement of human society in the long run. Like internet and automobile, robot can be a great asset for human to achieve productivity and comfort, yet they can potentially be a nightmare for human too. There seem two major points to be considered for robo-ethics: 1) we can not depend completely on the ethics of human that use robot, and, thus, we need to provide means of protecting robot from being abused by unethical practice of human. 2) we may ponder about whether we will allow robot to departure from complete human control with predictability and to have total and partial freedom to generate unexpected. The first is similar to the concept of internet and computer security, but with different contents and emphasis. The latter is a hard issue to solve that requires a debate like whether we need to allow human cloning or not.